Thursday, January 5, 2017

Here is to new beginnings.......

I can't believe I am here again.  I have tried my hand at blogging off and on for years with no success.  My personality flaws get in the way every time.  In the past I have tried to push those flaws to the side or pretend that they were not there, but alas there is no changing who I am.  So I decided to give this blog one more chance to be whatever it chooses to be.  Hopefully it will be worth someones time.  

I want to let you know that there will be times when I will talk about something personal, so if that does not interest you please just overlook those posts.  I have been through a lot the past five years and my hope is that by posting about my difficulties someone else might feel comfort in some way.  The main goal of this blog is to use it as a way to work through things that have been hindering me all my life, but also as a place to ferret out my life so in the end I am hopefully a better version of myself than I am right now.

I plan on posting pictures of my artistic endeavors, recipes that I like and don't like, and the occasional random thought.  For now that is the plan but it might eventually change.  Only time will tell.  So, thank you for dropping by and here is hoping for many blessings upon us all this year. 

Take care.

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